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What is COPPA Compliance?

In 2013, updates to US Federal law regarding COPPA (the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act)--caused a major effect on Wikia and editing policies. Full, further details are available here on Wikia.

To sum it up, websites can no longer gather IP addresses from people under thirteen as this is considered personal information. Wikia, in order to comply with this new US Federal Law--since it is a US hosted site--analyzed multiple hosted wikis and chose to disable anonymous editing on any that had a high chance of being edited by people under 13 due to their content--and while there are adult toy collectors, this includes most toy wikis.

What does this mean?

As of launch, all anonymous editing on the American Girl Wiki remains disabled. If you want to edit on the Wiki, you must have an account. No exceptions, even if you're well over thirteen. Admins will not turn anonymous editing back on.

You will still need to be over thirteen, so admins will be scrutinizing every new sign up we have.

What if I'm under 13?

Underaged users will still be able to read the content of the wiki, so they can still access the articles and other pages that we as a community have worked so hard on. But they will not be able to actively edit any pages or upload any images.

If a user of any account is found in any way to possibly be under thirteen, the account will be blocked until such an age as the user would be thirteen.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact any admin directly.

--Nethilia, Admin