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Read the Rules before you edit!

Just the Facts.

We're here to talk about the facts about Hairdorables, including easy identification. We're not here to read essays on how others feel about things. Avoid weasel words and opining on the line, and just give us what people need to look stuff up.

No Drama.

Keep drama and personal conflict to yourself. You come here for the edits and to help out. You don't have to like someone to edit. Drama is not editing your work or hurting your feelings.

No Fandom Pages or Fan Links.

Absolute Hairdorables is a factual wiki. We don't want or need pages about your fan characters, posts about your social media on main pages, anything you've made for your dolls, custom dolls or anything else fan or consumer made.

If you would like to list your dolls or have things about you here, please make yourself an editor page by creating an account and list them there. Be cautious: vanity content is webwide, and the world is full of jerks. Personal info--even the smallest bit--can lead to further consequences e.g. cyberbullying or harassment. To sum it up, please leave any vanity stuff elsewhere, or if you must indulge, on user-space/editor pages and keep your hands close. It's for your own good, trust us.

Be a Big Kid.

The essence of a Wiki is that stuff will get edited. This means that if you write a whole article on Stylin' Sallee and someone comes and changes some things in it or removes lines that don't fit, don't get mad and don't cry about it. This is a Wiki, which means everyone should feel free to contribute without thinking they will upset someone--and that edits are going to get taken down if they're poorly done. If you don't want your stuff edited, then a wiki is not for you. If you feel that we need to discuss things, that's what the discussion pages are for. Try not to have edit wars.

Also? If your edits get removed, that's part of being a Wiki. Deal, and don't get mad.

No Buy/Sell/Trade

We are not a Buy/Sell/Trade site. We're a database. No asking in articles for items, and you probably don't want to do it on your userpage. The comments have been disabled sitewide for that reason. I'm sure you can find a group that does that out there. That's not our job. Also? A risk on a public non controlled database. Don't do it.

No Bigotry.

It shouldn't have to be said, you'd think, but no prejudice and bigotry. No racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, religious oppression, or any -isms.

No Unbiased Rumours.

We don't want anything that is a rumor about upcoming product. No thank you. We're here for facts and until rumor becomes fact, it's not fact. See more at Rumors, Leaks, and Hearsay.

Write Like an Adult.

We want this Wiki to be a good resource for any and all people who want to learn or educate people about Hairdorables. So write like you're writing for an audience. No netspeak, no gross misspellings, no illegible typing, etc. Try and be as articulate as possible. We don't expect everyone to be a novelist, but we do expect a certain level of grammar and skill.

This being said, there's no age limit for editing or usernames that don't violate the Wikia Central Wikia Terms of use. We do however disallow editing from persons under thirteen or anonymous contributions. As Wikia is hosted in the United States and is therefore subject to U.S. law, COPPA privacy rules for children and minors apply.