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Accessories are included with every main Series doll's look and is at least two of the "surprises" counted on packaging.

Basic Accessory Variations

Most accessories can be sorted into the following categories:

Hair Clip

This is a plastic molded hair barrette with attached hair extension. Barrettes are single molded, close with a peg-and-hole closure, and the hair extension is looped around the back of the barrette by being double folded and bundled together with a clear plastic band to hold to the clip.

In Series Three every character comes with a reactive Hair Clip Extension as one of the surprises, either on a clip or a headband. In Series Five every character comes with a printed alligator hair clip with printed overlay design and their name on raised letters.


This is a barrette clip with no hair attachments. Barrettes close with a peg-and-hole closure. Simply Sallee's has a cloth beret attached.


Plastic molded glasses or eye visors. Several glasses have frames with no lenses; others, like Sunnin' Skylar or Beam Me Up Neila have opaque plastic lenses. Translucent visors and sunglasses are tinted to see the character's eyes underneath. Kali Curls headband-style visor has grip teeth on the center that go over her center part, with attached translucent goggles. Water Willow has a strap around her goggles to adjust and close to her head.


Plastic molded hat, visor, or helmet. Slits may be present to sit hat better on head. Roller Rayne's helmet has cut outs to accommodate her ponytails.

Tiara/Headband/Headphones/Hair Decoration

Plastic molded head decorations such as a tiara, headband, or headphones. These often have gripping teeth and may have accessories attached. (e.g. Goin' Gold Harmony's headband has a head mic.)

Cloth Headbands

Cloth headbands with elastic straps at the back. Harmony Rocks's headband is ribbon with an attached bow.

Hand-Held Object

A plastic molded hand-held object with a molded handle/grip so the doll's hand can hold the item or it can be clipped on the arm. Cheer Brit's pompon is a large fluffy pompon on a plastic clip.


Plastic molded purse or bag. They generally do not open. They may come customized with stickers. Breakdance Bella has a boombox in the same style.

Waist Clip Accessory

Accessories with a clear waist clip to allow the character to "wear" the item. They are either are posed in the back (Willow Wings and Bella Bunerina) or can be worn at the front or back (Harmony's instruments).

Miscellaneous Accessories

Accessories that do not fit in the above categories are as follows:

Series Two Color Change Accessories

In Series Two at least one accessory with each doll,[1] when placed in icy-cold water or subjected to cold temperatures, will change colors via thermochromatic means. The item's appearance will revert to standard looks with warm water or once the item warms back up to room temperature.

Series Three Crimp, Curl, or Color

Every doll in Series Three comes one standard accessorie, a unique hairstyling implement or "hair tool"--an oversized curling iron, hair crimper, or hair-coloring brush--and a reactive hair clip extension. The hair tool, like other hand-held objects, has a "strap" for the doll to hold the item.

Depending on which item is included, the extension will have a unique property:

  • With the curling iron or hair crimper, the extension has "memory" fibers that will hold shape when styled. The fibers eventually relax and revert.
  • With the hair-coloring brushes (which have a sponge to help hold the water before use), the color of the extension will change via thermochromatic means; when soaked in icy-cold water or subjected to cold temperatures, the fibers will change colors. The extensions will revert to standard colors with warm water or once the item warms back up to room temperature.

The Color/Crimp/Curl actions are only on the hair extensions and not on the rooted hairstyles.

Series Four: Scented Series

Every doll in Series Four comes with a plastic "scent" bottle that, while molded and not usable, implies the scent on the doll. Each bottle is shaped per line:

  • Carnival Cuties: Scent bottles are shaped like spray bottles, and scents are food-related.
  • Garden Party: Scent bottles are shaped like perfume bottles, and scents are floral.
  • Splash Sensation: Scent bottles are shaped like sunscreen spray, and scents are beach related (often a coconut tone).

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  1. for Water Willow, the "accessory" is her fin shoes.