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Beam Me Up Neila is a Series Four Neila release. She is part of the Carnival Cuties sub-line

Full Description


  • Eyes: Magenta, right glancing, smaller eyed expression. Green eye shadow.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile. Pale pink lips. Freckles.
  • Arms: Left Straight Arm; Right Bent Arm
  • Scent: Watermelon

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Left side is entirely mint green, right side is entirely light blue. Front middle section is entirely silver.
  • Style: Straight, no part. Front sections of the hair are pulled back in three ponytails.


Blue dress with a red, pixelated, floral and bug pattern. The dress also has a pink vinyl over layer.


Silver winged sneakers. The left shoe has pink wings and green laces, while right shoe has the opposite.

First Accessory

Green alien plushie with a white star on its belly and wearing a pink cape. The plushie is also holding a silver flag pole with a dark blue flag with a green UFO graphic.

Second Accessory

Ombre green to yellow sunglasses with circular shaped frames. Each side of the glasses is decorated with three pink stars.

Third Accessory

Hot pink translucent spray bottle. Hairdorables (all caps) above label. Oval label with watermelon popsicle and Hairdorables "H" in black.