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Bella is one of the main characters of the Hairdorables Line.


Bella is a great dancer and loves to dance. She and Noah met when, before a performance of The Nutcracker, she was in need of hair spray, which she uses to hold her hair in place while performing so it doesn't fall.[1]

She's kind, thoughtful, and hardworking. She had a big heart and is always there to help cheer up a friend in need. She's a very active person, and has a large appetite. Her key traits are Active, Thoughtful, and Foodie.[2]

Released Versions

Included Releases

Affiliated Products

  • Twirling Tango
  • Tender Tango
  • Tiptop Tango
  • Dancin' Dillon
  • Hip Hop Dillon
  • Diamond Dillon
  • Disco Dillon


  • While animated Bella has freckles, none of the first series dolls are freckled.
  • While many rares have unique body traits as well as the outfit, Royal Bella has little variance from her commons on the doll.


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