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Breakaway Brit is a Series Three Brit release and her Signature Look.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Green, forward facing. Smaller eyed expression. Light pink eyeshadow.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile, pink lips.
  • Arms: Right Bent Arm, left Straight Arm

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Hot pink with light pink streaks.
  • Style: Straight. pulled into a high ponytail. 5 section of hair are braided to her scalp before being pulled into the ponytail.


Hot pink basket ball jersey, with lime green accents and a purple basketball pattern. There is also a lime green "3" on the chest. Purple shorts with a hot pink glitter stripe going along the side of each pant leg, and a small lavender basketball graphic on the bottom of the left pant leg.


Gold sneakers with purple laces.


Orange and white basketball.

Hair Extension

Lavender hair extension on a orange heart shaped basketball hairlip. Crimp. The hair can be crimped and will hold its shape.

Hair Tool

Translucent lavender crimping tool shaped like a basketball hoop and backboard. There is a painted timer at the bottom of the handle.