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Brit is one of the main characters of the Hairdorables Line.


Brit is the sporty girl of the group. She's the most athletic person Noah knows, and has been playing soccer since she was three.[1] She's been playing and practicing for years, and her record for bouncing a soccer ball on her knee is 1081 times in a row. She believes life is like soccer: you have to have goals.[2]

Brit is skilled with poetry, a hidden talent. Brit was bullied in school for a while, and while she later was able to make peace and become friends with her bullies, she still knows bullying only stops with help, understanding, and love. Noah thinks she's fierce, brave strong and a "total sweetheart." She believes in finding ways to show kindness in multiple ways and that they matter. It was her reading of her "Kindness Wins" poem that prompted Noah to invite her to join the channel--she read it at the same smoothie shop, Fiona's Smoothies, that Rayne brought Willow and Noah to back in '"It's Rayning Cats and Dogs."'[3]

She's loyal and compassionate, and finds it hard to sit still. She's very competitive, but loves to be part of a team and cheer her friends on. She can't stand bullying and is the first one to stand up for someone in need. Her key character traits are Caring, Thoughtful, and Competitive.[4]

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  • Happy Harlow
  • Hit the Hay Harlow
  • Hotshot Harlow
  • Team Charlie
  • Super Fan Charlie
  • LOVE Charlie
  • Play Ball Charlie


  • Starting in Series Two, Brit releases have pink hair without any brown.
  • Currently, Brit has not been included in any of the sub or side lines.


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