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Each doll in the first two series comes with a plastic molded Comb as the first surprise along with the series logo sticker sheet. There are currently six known comb shapes. Each character has a unique comb in Series One; starting with Series Two, combs are randomized and do not correlate to the characters, as any style comb may be found with a doll. Each comb has six tines.

In Series Three combs are not included.

Bow Comb

The top has a tied double bow with V-cut ends. The back resembles a single bow.

Braid Comb

The top has a braided hair shape. The comb looks the same on either side.

Dipped Hair Bow Comb‏‎

The top has a slightly dipped hair bow on a base with double curled ends. The comb looks the same on either side.

Hair Bow Comb

The top has a bow shape that is textured/lined to resemble being made of hair. The comb looks the same on either side.

Heart Wings Comb‏‎

The top has a concentric heart with three-lobed wings on either side of the heart. The back has the same shape, but a solid heart.

Rose Comb‏‎

The top has a rose flanked by four leaves on either side and sits on a base with curled ends. The back does not have the rose petal details but does have a bow imprinted on the back.

Series Two Colors/Styles

Starting in Series Two, the following colors were available in any comb style:

  • Hot Pink
  • Yellow
  • Lime Green
  • Sky Blue
  • Pale Lavender
  • Dark Purple

The color of combs are the same as the available stand colors but do not match the doll specifically (e.g. a doll who has a yellow stand does not necessarily come with a yellow comb). No red, teal, or matte silver combs are available in Series Two.

Harmonic Harmony comes with a silver comb of any style; Sea Willow comes with a gold comb of any style.

Series Four Styles

Series Four switched to hairbrushes with plastic bristles and the back molded script of the character's name.

Pet Brushes

Brushes that come with Pets are molded grooming brushes. The handle is a single solid color with a bow at the top of the handle; the bristles are molded separately and attached. Every pet comes with a set color of brush style regardless of variant in Series One.