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Dee Dee (sometimes styled as DeeDee) is one of the main characters of the Hairdorables Line.


Dee Dee is a talented chef, specifically baking and candymaking, and comes up with her own recipes and ideas. She is skilled enough to bake different treats en masse. She states her love of making treats is second only to her love of making special treats for others. [1] Like Kali, she can't sing well.[2]

Dee Dee met the others backstage at a middle school talent show at Sunset Heights. When Harmony was having trouble singing and lost her voice (partially from stage fright and stress), she came up, asked what was wrong, and offered her a new creation of the LaLa Pop--a lollipop that's a mix of honey, lemon, and eucalyptus that's good for the throat. It both helped Harmony's voice return and calmed her nerves. Harmony won first place and Dee Dee was invited to join the Hairdorables.[3]

She has a major sweet tooth, is super inventive, and loves creating new treats to share with her friends. She's energetic and easily excited, which makes her the life of the party. Her key character traits are Sweet, Inventive, and Energetic.[4]

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  • While Dee Dee Dorable is marked in Series One as Dee Dee's Signature Look, she is more often shown in the Dee Dee-Licious style, including on the YouTube Channel animated videos.
  • Dee Dee in the animated videos has a small mole on the left cheek under one eye; however, none of her dolls have this birthmark.
  • Dee Dee's name has been spelled both with and without the space between.


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