Absolute Hairdorables Wiki

Featuring Phoebe is a Series Four Phoebe release. While not part of any specific subline, traits align with the Carnival Cuties subline.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Cyan, left glancing. Rose gold eyeshadow.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile. Light pink lips.
  • Arms: Both Straight Arm.
  • Scent: Buttery Popcorn

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Peach with red streaks.
  • Style: Soft curl. Front of the hair is pulled into a small bun. A section of the hair on the right side is braided to her scalp.


Metallic silver shirt with a glittery film reel pattern skirt. Red plaid scarf.


Glittery red ruby slippers with sculpted bows.

First Accessory

Dark blue clapperboard with white painted details.

Second Accessory

White 3D glasses. The right lens is red while the left lens is cyan.

Spray Bottle

Translucent silver perfume bottle. The label reads Hairdorables and has a graphic of multiple bags of popcorn.