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Gnarly Brit is a Ultra Rare Series Three Brit release and part of the sub-line Outdoor Fun.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Green, left glancing. Elaborate eyeshadow and eyebrow makeup composed of small silver snowflakes.
  • Face: Closed mouth smile, pink lips. Freckles.
  • Arms: Both Straight Arm

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Hot pink. There is also pink tinsel throughout.
  • Style: Soft curl, left side part. Hair is pulled into two pigtails. Front part of the right side is braided before being pulled into the pigtail.


Yellow and hot pink striped shirt. Purple, blue, and glittery pink camouflage overalls with blue ribbon straps. Purple and yellow beanie with a pink pom pom sewed on the top. Purple ski goggles.


Cyan sneakers with gold laces and purple soles.


Purple ski board with sculpted snowflake details and cyan foot braces.

Hair Extension

Purple hair extension on a white snowflake shaped hair clip with a blue pom pom at its center. Curl. The hair can be curled and will keep its shape.

Hair Tool

Hair curler with a dark blue handle, silver barrel, and a translucent teal clasp. The handle is molded to have a knitting's wool texture, and there is a sculpted cyan snowflake at the barrel's tip.