Hairdorables are a line of blind box toys released by Just Play focused on twelve unique characters. Each series comes in a sealed package with various "surprises" as the package is opened. Like other blind box brands such as LOL Surprise and Shopkins or a capsule vending machine, purchasers do not see--and thus do not know--which doll is contained in the package before purchase.

Marketing Bio

Introducing Noah and the Hairdorables! The girl squad with "Big Hair Don't Care" attitudes.

#Hairdorables took off when Noah, a sweet and funny vlogger with a passion for hair-styling, decided to share her side-braiding tutorial on YouTube. While shooting her video, Noah fumbled over the words "hair" and "adorable"...accidentally coining the term "hairdorable"! To Noah's surprise, her video and #Hairdorable went viral overnight! When Noah decided to launch her own YouTube channel (Hairdorables, obvi) and invite her friends to join her, the response was a resounding YAAAAAAAS! Now Noah and her BFFs spend all of their free time creating content and sharing their passions with the world via the Hairdorables channel on YouTube!

Central Hairdorables Characters

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