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The Hairdorables Loves... dolls are a limited edition Series Three sub-series featuring main Hairdorables characters with licensed character clothing and accessories. The line was first released in February 2020 at a suggested retail price of $12.99.


The series has selected characters focusing on various pop-culture brands in a cross over theme. The first three in the series were announced in February 2020 at the New York Toy Fair: Sanrio's Hello Kitty, DreamWorks's Minions, and DreamWorks's Trolls.

Box Packaging and Reveals

The doll is visible on the left side of the package, mounted on a plastic backing with a themed background behind her. The four "surprise" flaps to the side are sealed over with clear plastic packaging that is then removed to open the sections. Items are packed in Series Three style bags. The doll comes with ten surprises:

  • Dressed character Doll.
  • Three character-themed stickers.
  • Themed Shoes.
  • Three Themed Accessories.
  • Signature Card.
  • Stand.

While each doll variant comes with the same set of items, the colors are randomized.


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  • The series is not available in-store, though WalMart and Kohls allows for curbside pickup orders.