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Hairmazing: Series One.

Hairmazing is a fashion-doll side line of the Hairdorables characters. Unlike other sublines which have unique characters and may reference the main characters, the characters used are the same as the main characters.

Unique Doll Anatomy

The Hairmazings line--marketed as "Bigger Hair Still Don't Care" is a fashion-doll style release of Hairdorables. The characters, marketed as older or in "grown up"/"glow up" styles, are made to resemble teenagers in body shape and with "runway"/teen style fashions.

The dolls are approximately 10.5" tall with "fashion doll" dimensions: this consists of tall, long bodies with relatively short torsos and long legs (6.5" from hip joint to toe when straight, making up the majority of the doll's height). Heads are slightly larger than standard series with many of the same elements as main series; however, every doll has a closed lip smile. Dolls are articulated at eleven points with joints at the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees. The feet are molded into heeled positions. Skin-toned molded underwear are on the lower torso with no covering over the upper bodice. Dolls have pierced ear holes to hold earrings; earrings are exceptionally large and often elaborate. Hair remains long or thick.

Fashions are fabric; some have stockings or high socks covering the legs. Shoes are plastic and heeled.

Merchandise Releases