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Hairmazing - Series One dolls.

Hairmazing - Series One is the first release of the Hairmazing variation of the Hairdorables characters.

The series was released in December 2019 at a suggested retail cost of $19.99.


The introductory line includes six of the main Hairdorables Characters: Noah, Dee Dee, Harmony, Kali, Willow, and Bella. The characters, marketed as older or in "grown up"/"glow up" styles, are made to resemble teenagers in body shape and with "runway"/teen style fashions.

Box Packaging and Reveals

The packaging is packaging cardstock with the doll visible to the left side and art of the doll on the right. The package opens from the right at front, unfolding to show the unique background, drop down "walkway", and four sections for the surprises. Bags are color coordinated to character with their name on the outside.

Six surprises are advertised. The location of items may vary: some are on the dolls in package, while others may be in the surprise bags. The total of items include:

  • Fully Dressed doll, displayed in packaging.
  • Character-themed hair/head accessory, such as a hat or bun decor.
  • Character-themed pair of earrings.
  • Character-themed shoes.
  • Character-themed sunglasses.
  • Character-themed purse or bag.
  • Stand: these are silver with long stand and waist clip, and come disassembled.
  • Character-themed Hairbrush.

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