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Harmonic Harmony is a Rare Series Two Harmony release.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Dark Blue, facing forward. Neon Green eyeshadow.
  • Bodysuit: Unlike standard Series Two Harmony Dolls, she has a slightly shimmery hot pink bodysuit.
  • Face: Open-mouth smile, bright pink lips.
  • Arms: Both Straight Arm
  • Legs: Harmonic Harmony has molded hot pink legs with a light shimmer to simulate tights.

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Blue with neon green and green front highlights
  • Style: Tight curly, center part. The style is two high ponytails; the front is separated and twisted into two top knots.


Purple performance dress. Dark purple sleeveless satin bodice and hi-low semi-sheer overskirt. Bodice has two glittery eight-pointed stars, while semi-sheer over skirt has silver stitching at hem, silver glitter dots and is pleated in back. Underskirt is pink iridescent textured fabric. Velcros up the back.


Bright blue open-front knee high laced boots. Molded topstitching. Silver laces and grommets. Magenta soles with star textures on bottom.

First Accessory

Flying V Guitar. Silver headstock, neck, soundhole, strings; painted blue body and two purple "buttons" at front. Clear plastic waist clip. Thermochromatic color change at neck from silver to dark purple.

Second Accessory

Hair extension clip. Silver seven-pointed star on raised diamond background with polygonal shape. Purple-pink hair blend. Thermochromatic color change at star from silver to blue.


Harmonic Harmony comes with a silver glitter comb.


Silver glitter stand.


  • Harmonic Harmony was the first doll released with differently colored legs to mimic tights, followed later by Rayne Coat.