Harmony is one of the main characters of the Hairdorables Line.


Harmony goes by "Harm" for short. She lives next door to Noah in Sunset Heights with her dad and twin siblings, who play planks and often get her with them. [1]. She also has a Grandmother, Nana. She is considered a lyrical genius, is a skilled singer, and can pick up any instrument and learn to play it well, though she says she leaves the ukulele to Noah. She dyes her hair (one of her three favorite things is hair dye, along with the guitar and her friends).

She and Noah met when, one morning at school, Noah thought she was alone in the bathroom and started singing a song she made up on the spot after discovering the bathroom had good acoustics. Harmony, who was in one of the stalls, heard her (she was there the whole time) and stepped out, saying that the song was pretty great and that she sings to herself all the time before introducing herself to Noah. She said they should get together and work on the song more, because it had potential and she'd catch her later. Noah asked if they should exchange numbers, and Harmony said she was sure--and correct--that Noah was her next-door neighbor and she could just swing by later. They became best friends after that and said they always have "their song".[2]

Harmony lives to perform and finds it easiest to express her feelings creatively; she goes full force into practicing and perfecting her skills. She values her friends and is always there to support them in whatever their passions may be. While sometimes described as outgoing and loud, she's okay with that because she's not afraid to be herself. Her key character traits are: Outgoing, Passionate, and Loyal.[3]

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  • Harmony and Sallee were the two characters most affected by the problems with the Series One InFamous Fourteen, each missing two dolls and so only having one variant widely available which were not their signature looks.


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