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Harmony Highlights is a Series One Harmony release.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Medium Blue, facing forward. Yellow eye shadow.
  • Face: Open Mouthed Smile. Bright pink lips.
  • Arms: Both Bent Arm

Hair Color and Style

  • Hair Color: Neon green; electric blue streak.
  • Hair Style: Straight left part. Streak rooted at part and falling right.


  • Plaid vest. Pointed tips at front. Plaid is pink, yellow, and blue. Pink glitter trim at armholes, collar, and hem. Stamped yellow buttons and pocket slits. No hems.
  • Blue glitter pleated skirt. Bright pink topstitching at waist yoke.


Bright pink translucent "disco ball" flats. Small slit at back heel for ease.

The doll can have variant blue shoes. They are exactly like the pink ones except translucent blue.

First Accessory

Star hair clip. Star is blue translucent plastic with peg-hole closure. At back is attached streak of pink straight hair.

Second Accessory

Purple plastic keytar. Molded keys--thirteen white, nine black. Molded black painted speaker. molded plastic round dials; molded rectangle; molded raised square near handle.

Attached clear plastic waist clip allows a doll to "hold" keytar in front and look to play it.


Silver Heart Wings Comb.


  • Official art shows a solid blue star in the hairclip.