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Hello Kitty Rayne is a Special Edition Series Three Hairdorables Loves... release, a cross over between Hairdorables and Sanrio's Hello Kitty.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Blue, Left glancing. Pale lavender eye shadow.
  • Face: Closed-mouth Smile. Pink Lips
  • Arms: Left Straight Arm, Right Bent Arm
  • Bodysuit: Iridescent pink
  • Additions: Pale pink Hello Kitty bow on left cheek; pink Hello Kitty Bow on right cheek and

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Purple with pink, blue, and yellow streaks.
  • Style: Loose waves in two pigtails with a center part. The left pigtail has yellow and pink streaks while the right pigtail has yellow and blue streaks. Two front pincurls.


Pink "lolita" style dress. Pink bodice features a graphic of Hello Kitty and has pink faux-fur sleeves. The skirt is pink and is printed to resemble a scalloped layered skirt: pink white-dotted top with blue printed stitching and three underrows of printed ruffles. Purple ribbon-accented waist sash and three blue ribbon bows.


Flats with ruffled socks. These are a recolor of Delightful Dee Dee's shoes and come in variant colors.

First Accessory

Handbag shaped like Hello Kitty head handbag. Variant colors.

Second Accessory

Glitter kitty-ear headband. Hello Kitty's signature bow molded on left ear. Variant colors .

Third Accessory

Bow-shaped barrette, resembling Hello Kitty's bow. This comes in variant colors.

Signature Card

Signature card. Illustration of Rayne wearing a blue Hello Kitty headband and holding a pink Hello Kitty handbag. Indicates the doll is limited edition. Copyright information and Sanrio's website are listed on the back of the card.


Three Hello Kitty-themed sticker sets.


Translucent blue stand.


  • Hello Kitty Rayne was incredibly hard to find for the first two months of her release due to rampant scalping. By May (perhaps in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic) she was more commonly found through online retailers.