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Ice Ice Harmony is a Series Four Harmony release. She is part of the Carnival Cuties sub-line.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Blue, right glancing, smaller eyed expression. Fancy light pink eyeshadow.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile. Pink lips.
  • Arms: Right Straight Arm, left Bent Arm.
  • Scent: Cherry

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Lime green, CYAN.
  • Style: Soft curls, left part. Front section of the left side is braided and pulled back into side braids.


Black "leather" jacket with silver lapels over a green shirt with a pink guitar graphic. "Denim" skirt.


Translucent purple boots

First Accessory

Yellow and pink snow cone in a blue cup with a red straw.

Second Accessory

Circular sunglasses with silver frames and magenta lenses.

Spray Bottle

Translucent purple perfume bottle. The label reads "Hairdorables" on the top and has a graphic of a red and white checkered print and some cherries. There is also a blue Hairdorables "H" in the middle.