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The InFamous Fourteen (or Missing Fourteen) is a fandom term for Series One dolls that were not being found during initial release.

Many collectors who had purchased large amounts of dolls found that several dolls were not being discovered by anyone, and cross references showed that fourteen dolls were not being found. Notably this included several Signature Look dolls, such as Kali and Sallee. Every character had at least one doll that was part of the InFamous Fourteen; Harmony and Sallee were missing two dolls, meaning that only one version of the three was being located. Rayne Showers was also missing, but as a Ultra Rare, the doll may have simply been difficult to locate.

Just Play reassured purchasers that all the dolls were available in standard distributions shipped to stores. Shortly after this was noticed, the others began to appear, starting at Walmart stores. Reasons for the dolls missing may have been delayed shipments or distribution may have been accidentally imbalanced, as is the risk with any blind-box or mystery toy.

The InFamous Fourteen