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Kali is one of the main characters of the Hairdorables Line.


Kali is the tech/STEM girl of the group. She knows how to code programs, robots, and websites, and does the codework for the channel. She also does other multiple tech focus, like audio/visuals. She created the vlog editing app for the channel and several other apps, including customizable filters for the camera.[1] Kali is a poor singer, saying she can't even carry a tune's bags. She also tells pun-based jokes.[2]

Kali and Noah met when Kali, having accidentally e-mailed her beta code to Noah, impressed Noah anyways with what she had done. She has a apple-shaped virtual assistant named Issac that she talks code through, but sometimes she accidentally triggers it to do what she doesn't want it to.[3]

Her email address is kali@codergal.com.[3][4]

She has a passion for learning, especially when it comes to science and tech and is a self-starter who is not afraid to take risks. She loves to teach as much as she loves to learn and often finds herself helping her friends figure out their new gadgets. Her key character traits are Whiz kid, Fast Learner, and Risk-taker. [5]

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  • While Kali is animated and illustrated with multiple ear piercings, these are not present in the dolls.


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