Kat is one of the main characters of the Hairdorables Line.


Kat is the pet-lover of the group and considered a "dog whisperer." She and Noah met soon after Noah got her puppy Lemon; since Noah hadn't realized how hard it was to have a puppy, she reached out to Hairdorables fans and Kat answered the call. Kat loves everything puppy--she doesn't even mind cleaning up after them.[1] Kat has a dog named Piper [2] and a corgi named Gilly.

Kat has a huge heart for animals and will do everything she can to make her "furry friends" happy. She's self-confident and a great leader, and her friends often turn to Kat for advice, especially when it comes to their pets. Her key character traits are: Animal lover, Confident, and Disciplined. [3]

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