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Koastal Kali is a Series Four Kali release and part of the Splash Sensation sub-line.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Olive green, front-facing. Blue metallic eye shadow.
  • The doll has freckles across the cheeks.

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Purple with darker purple accents
  • Style: Curl, no parts. Seven front twists pulled back into top ponytail.


Pineapple one-piece maillot swimsuit. Blue background with overall pixel art pineapple print.


Blue high-top sneakers. Yellow laces with green tongue to simulate pineapple.

First Accessory

Yellow pineapple glasses. Yellow base with green leaf accents. These are similar to Pineapple Rayne's.

Second Accessory

Coconut drink. Brown base with light purple straw and pink umbrella.

Third Accessory

Beach towel/wrap. Blue background with pixel designed pineapple (green leaves, yellow body, and orange accents) This is packaged with doll rather than in bags and shown as a hip-wrap on the art.

Fourth Accessory

Sunspray bottle. Yellow translucent base with green metallic top. Label has Waves in script print with sun rays interspersed with background.