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Lavender Lovin' Dee Dee is a Series Four Dee Dee release. She is part of the Garden Party sub-line.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Violet, forward facing. Lavender eyeshadow.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile, hot pink lips.
  • Arms: Right Bent Arm, left Straight Arm.
  • Scent: Floral

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Right side is completely min green, the left side is completely pink.
  • Style: Soft curls, middle part. Front part of the hair is pulled back.


Lavender dress with a lavender flower print and lavender tulle ruffle.


Magenta boots with lavender bands around the tops.

First Accessory

Lavender flower headband. Some flowers are painted metallic pink.

Second Accessory

White cake with blue, red, and brown topping.

Spray Bottle

Translucent pink perfume bottle. The label reads "Le Fleur" and has a graphic of Dee Dee and lavender flowers.