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This is a list of videos posted on the official Hairdorables YouTube Channel. The list is separated by type of video:

  • Noah's Vlog are flash-animated episodes of the Hairdorables presenting vlog-style episodes.
  • Their Story are flash-animated episode shorts of the adventures of the Hairdorables, including how they met and various informative vlogs. This also includes themed compilations that group multiple shorts together.
  • Toy Play are "live-action" shorts with physical dolls being manipulated around and voiced off screen (hands are visible); these are mostly done with the Series One Signature Look dolls.

Episodes are listed by premiere order, not numbering order on the channel.

While updates continue (reposts of older videos), no new content outside of commercials has been added as of approximately the end of 2019.

Noah's Vlog

  • Noah's Vlog: Noah introduces herself and the Hairdorables Channel.

  • Introducing Harmony: Noah introduces Harmony, a talented singer and her best friend.

  • Rayne Loves Rainbows: Noah introduces Rayne, a girl way into rainbows.

  • Willow Has Style: Noah introduces Willow, a creative fashionista.

  • Bella Ballerina: Noah introduces Bella, a skilled dancer.

  • Kat the Pet Lover: Noah introduces Kat, a pet trainer and animal enthusiast.

  • Noah's Vlog: Compilation: A compilation of the first five introduction videos[1].

  • Dee Dee Sweet Baker: Noah introduces Dee Dee, a talented candy maker and baker.

  • Sallee the Artist: Noah introduces Sallee, a skilled artist.

  • Brit the Most Athletic One: Noah introduces Brit, a self-driven athlete.

  • Code Queen Kali: Noah introduces Kali, a tech-focused coder and science enthusiast.

  • Skylar, Travel Obsessed Blogger: Noah introduces Skylar, a travel blogger.

  • Neila the Stargazer: Noah introduces Neila, a girl fascinated with space, UFOs, and space travel.

  • Noah Hosts Her Best Friends: A compilation of the last six introduction videos.

  • All Hairdorables Vlogs: A compilation of all the introduction videos.

Their Story

  • Costume Party: (Later renamed Episode Four: This is My Costume): Noah and Willow are at Willow's place. Noah laments that she and Willow have been looking on Instagram and Pinterest for hours and they haven't found good costumes; she wants to have perfect, original costumes for the whole group. She then decides that this is when they need Willow's fashion inspiration because this is where she shines. Willow goes to her "thinking place"--her walk in closet--and comes out with clothes draped on her. She says the thing that makes the most sense is a soccer-playing pop band called the Hairdorables that give away la la pops while performing their digital soundtrack to contemporary ballet choreography. She digs through her clothes before coming up with the final design, including a pet costume. Noah thinks it's perfect and takes several pictures before as a sporty, poppy, candy-coated group of tech loving, dog-training, dancing friends--and that she's sure they'll be the only ones. Everyone in their group chat likes the outfits and Noah wonders if they can make twelve costumes in time for the Halloween carnival next week. Willow says only if they all work together--and they're counting on Noah to make them all Hairdorable, so she'll focus on the fashions while Noah works on the hair. Noah then does a vlog saying she can't wait to show off the costumes.

  • Episode One: Almost Perfect Braid: Noah is playing on her ukulele and singing a made up song about her vlog. She then says a bunch of people--two, in the comments--asked for a hairstyle tutorial last week. She decides to show how to do a headband braid and says it's easy. However, she struggles to explain the steps. After several false starts and tangles of her words, equipment, and hair, she completes the headband braid. While she's describing it, she says that with practice people can make their "hairdorable" every day--then corrects herself to "hair adorable." She uploads the video, which goes viral and is very popular. She wonders if she's on to something with the new word she's coined.

  • Cookie Carolers: (Later renamed Episode Nine: Christmas Cookie Carolers) Dee Dee in her kitchen hums Jingle Bells while she frosts a bell-shaped cookie for the vlog. As she shows it off she smears some frosting on the lens. Harmony comes in singing Let it Snow and is amazed by the cookies. Dee Dee suggests that she try the ginger wreaths, a new recipe. Noah shoes up and says Dee Dee wasn't kidding when she said she goes a little crazy with her holiday baking. She enjoys the different scents and then asks how many Dee Dee made. Dee Dee says not that many before counting up seventeen. Kali and Willow come in and Kali, impressed, says she should open a bakery; Willow says she's "adulting" hard and she can't even make toast. Dee Dee says anyone can bake and has Willow help her form the balls and dip them in sugar for chocolate crinkle cookies. Noah asks if anyone is in need of holiday cheer and Harmony suggests they go caroling. Kali says she can't even carry a tune's bags (which makes everyone groan). Dee Dee agrees and says that baking is her thing. Harmony organizes what everyone should do, and Willow says they should deck the halls--and also keep some for themselves. Dee Dee agrees, and the five of them (and Noah's puppy, Lemon) go out caroling to give several of the cookies out to friends and family.

  • Episode Two: It's Rayning Cats and Dogs: Noah and Willow are at the beach together; Noah is about to swim, but Willow can't go with her as her swimsuit isn't waterproof and is for fashion. Just then, a thunderstorm rolls in, and Noah says they should go inside before it starts raining moments before it does. As they're walking along the boardwalk--with no umbrellas--Noah asked if Willow sees the "rainbow" coming towards them--which turns out to be Rayne, skating along the boardwalk. She rolls up, saying that they--calling them "loves"--could use an umbrella and provides one. As they all tuck under the umbrella, she says they can't have rainbows without the rain, and introduces herself as Rayne before letting them know there's a coffee shop ahead to dry off at. Noah thanks her for showing up at the right time, and as they talk Rayne explains how she loves rainbows and her philosophy on life. Willow spots Rayne's handmade bracelet and, as the sun comes out, Rayne holds it up to make multiple prisms dance around the coffee shop in the light. Noah, delightedly, says to Willow that she thinks they have found a new Hairdorables member.

  • Episode Three: Bathroom Blunders: Noah and Harmony tell how they met and became friends. Noah was in the bathroom preparing for school and humming to herself when she realized the acoustics in the bathroom were good. She begins to sing a made up song about Hairdorables, not noticing Harmony coming out of one of the stalls or washing her hands, until Harmony joins in. Noah, embarrassed, ask how much Harmony heard and is even more embarrassed to discover she heard the whole song. Harmony compliments her on her song before introducing herself and saying they should keep the song going and work on it later. Noah agrees, and Harmony says they'll meet later heads out. When Noah asks if they should exchange contact information, Harmony say no, because she's pretty sure they're next door neighbors and she'll catch her later. The video concludes with them saying that they have been friends ever since and will always have their song.

  • Episode Six[2]: Apptastic: Kali is at home, having successfully coded an app for the Hairdorables channel as a fan. She accesses the Hairdorables channel and e-mails Noah, saying she's a fan and made an app. She is about to send when she decides more testing is needed, and asks her virtual assistant, Issac, to run the code; it instead starts playing music. She asks Issac to "end" the music and it instead "send"s the e-mail. Kali panics. Meanwhile the e-mail goes to Noah. She examines it, finds the app amazing, and video calls Kali moments later to gush about it, introduce herself, and be toured through the functions as she's not sure what they're for. Kali explains there's a basic video editor, uploader (which shows icons that include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), and a visualizer that generates avatars for Hairdorables fans worldwide. Noah is super excited to learn more and ends the call. Kali says to Issac they hit it out of the park--to which Issac responds by "going dark" and turning off all the lights. Noah makes a quick video to say they might have an app soon and to welcome Kali to the channel.

  • Episode Seven: La La Pop (Part One): Before a talent show at their school, Sunset Heights Middle School, Harmony has her voice crack. Noah offers water, but Harmony says she's fine--but asks Noah to stay and let Harmony rehearse for her. She tries to sing, but only a hoarse whisper comes out. She starts to have a panic attack at thinking she's lost her voice. Noah takes her through breathing exercises, but they don't work, and Harmony starts to cry. Dee Dee, who sees what's going on, comes over. Harmony sobs that she lost her voice. Dee Dee offers a solution to help her voice come back--a lemon, honey, and eucalyptus[3] sucker she invented called the La La Pop. Harmony, with nothing to lose, starts to suck on the lollipop--and is called to perform after Bella's dance number as the video ends on a hook to part Two.

  • Episode Eight: La La Pop (Part Two): Picking up where the prior episode ended, Harmony takes the La La Pop out and says it's good, asking what's in it. Dee Dee explains, saying it's good tasting and good for the throat. Noah encourages Harmony, and both Dee Dee and Bella (exiting the stage) wish Harmony good luck. Harmony steps up to the microphone and has a small panic attack, but looks to Noah (who wordlessly encourages her to breathe and relax) and Dee Dee (who reminds her of the La La Pop's usefulness) and calms her nerves enough to perform excellently. Backstage Noah says she was amazing (and barely noticed Harmony's nerves) and Harmony thanks Dee Dee for the La La Pop. Harmony wins the talent show (after having her name read upside down) and accepts her trophy, saying everyone crushed it and thanking Noah and Dee Dee for helping her win. Noah then does a quick video introducing Dee Dee and "cinnamint" braids, and reminds watchers how to handle panic attacks and stage fright in their lives to be able to display their talents. Lemon eats her braid candy while she's talking, and she fusses before stating it's okay, she has a whole box to eat.

  • Episode Ten[2]: Kindness Wins: Noah, Rayne, and Willow are together at a booth in the local smoothie place, Fiona's Smoothies. As they're there, Brit steps up to the open mic stage and presents a poem about how she dealt with being bullied at school, emphasizing how kindness is a major way to end bullying. She explains that while her own story has a happy ending, that others being bullied should speak to others and reach out, because it's the kindness of friends that ends the cycle. Noah, Rayne, and Willow all agree silently that they should invite Brit to join the Hairdorables Channel, and Noah goes up as Brit is clearing the stage for a polka band coming after her and says they love her message and have a way of getting the message out. The video ends with introducing Brit and her explaining that, though a lot of people think she's fierce and tough because she's an athlete, she believes kindness is what makes a true winner everywhere.

  • All About Harmony: A compilation of Harmony-themed and -included animated episodes: Introducing Harmony, Bathroom Blunders, La La Pop (both part One and Two), and Cookie Carolers.

  • Episode Sixteen[2]: Sleepover: During a sleepover, Neila tells her friends about an encounter she had with a UFO while camping with her parents. Just after the story, flashing lights and glows around them startle the girls into thinking they are having a real alien encounter. However, it's only a combination of Lemon accidentally disturbing the plug to the lamp nearby and light gleaming off of Noah's skateboard. Soothed (but with Rayne and Neila disappointed slightly that it wasn't a real alien), the girls tuck in to head to sleep. But as Noah starts to nod off, the light starts flickering again....

  • Episode Seventeen: Ballad: Noah is having a bad day: Her hair won't cooperate into a style, she breaks a nail, cracks her phone screen, and accidentally sits on top of Lemon. When Harmony calls and hears about it (and Noah's window curtain rod falls down mid-call) Harmony asks to meet her at the coffee shop because she has something to cheer her up. When Noah arrives, Harmony cleans her up and says she has a song she wrote last night for her, which she debuts at the shop. Noah says the song was beautiful, it's just what she needed to improve her day, and they agree to release the song on the Hairdorables channel. The video ends asking viewers to return later to see the song.

  • Episode Eighteen: Hawaiian Dreams: Skylar hears about a contest where the winner gets a trip to Hawaii; she wants to enter, since she hasn't been there or seen her Nana and Pop-Pop in years. The entry is to submit a video showing the person's obsession with Hawaii--but it's due today. With the help of several of her friends--Noah, Rayne, Willow, Harmony, and Kali--she makes a video about Hawaii including information about the hula, surfing, luaus, and connecting with her family. They're excited that they nailed it at the end, and Skylar says "we love you" and "thank you" in Hawaiian.

  • Episode Twelve[2]: Hula Dance: Skylar shows Noah some of the basics of hula dancing for the vlog. During the performance, Skylar explains the meaning of the hula, including the meaning of the symbolism, how storytelling is done, and steps to dance properly. Lemon thumps a beat out with his tail, but when he is distracted by a butterfly and wags quickly, the rhythm speeds up and things become harder for Noah until she realizes what's happening and scolds him.

  • Episode Five[2]: Puppy Problems: Noah invites a puppy into her house; it's not hers, as she found them wandering. Noah quickly makes a "call for help" vlog to find "Lenny's" owner and a puppy trainer to help her with them, because puppies are hard work. She gets a text message from Kat and heads out with Lenny, who won't behave or listen to her. Kat walks up, informing Noah not to tug on the leash and to wait for the puppy to catch up with her. She then introduces herself and gives some tips on puppy training. Noah is amazed, and Kat says anyone can train a puppy with time and patience. As they walk along with further tips from Kat, they find a missing dog sign with "Lenny's" picture, who had escaped from his home when a gate was left open. The video then cuts to Noah's studio, where Kat has now joined the channel and shows how to teach a dog to sit with Lemon.

  • Noah Makes Friends: Compilation: A compilation of Noah meeting her friends in animated episodes: Bathroom Blunders, It's Rayning Cats and Dogs, Kindness Wins, Puppy Problems, Apptastic, and La La Pop (Part One and Two).

  • Episode Thirteen/Fourteen[2]: On Location: Noah is reading a book when several of her friends (Rayne, Harmony, Willow, and Kat) arrive in her room. They each try to convince her to come outside one way or another, but she is suspicious and asks what's going on. They lead her outside to show her parent's old camper trailer, which her parents have given her to allow to make into a studio for her vlogging. Each friend offers to contribute something to help decorate and make the new studio space better such as crystals and prisms, curtains, tech, treats, etc. (Kat contributed by cleaning up the dog poo that was present in the yard). A cleaning and decorating montage later--including a pet bed for Lemon--before they're done; the trailer is now beautiful. Noah is overwhelmed and delighted, and says the trailer will be for all of them, not just her/ The group sets up for a vlog in the new studio (which is decorated much like Noah's old bedroom); Noah introduces their new space and then says she will introduce her friends.

  • Vacation Time: Compilation: A compilation of "vacation" themed videos, including Toy Play videos: It's Rayning Cats and Dogs, Phone Drama, Kindness Wins, Hawaiian Dreams, Beach, and Travel Vlog.

  • All About Willow: Compilation: A compilation of Willow-themed and -included animated episodes: Willow Has Style, Costume Party, It's Rayning Cats and Dogs, Sleepover, Hawaiian Dreams, and Cookie Carolers.

  • All About Rayne: Compilation: A compilation of Rayne-themed and -included animated episodes: Rayne Loves Rainbows, It's Rayning Cats and Dogs, Sleepover, On Location, and Hawaiian Dreams.

  • Episode Eleven[2]:Furry Friends: Willow, Noah, and Harmony are spending time together at Noah's bedroom when Kat comes in and asks if they want to meet some rescue animals. All three agree and head out--Harmony is excited to pet furballs and Willow wants to try her "puppy" voice. Kat takes them to the animal sanctuary that the others have never been to before--to Kat it's her home away from home. Noah asks if a gate is supposed to be open--and it's not. The animals have escaped. Kat, knowing this isn't good, asks the others to help by grabbing a bucket of treats and luring the animals back. Willow goes to a field to lure out what she assumes is a puppy, and when the animal pops out, she screams--and then discovers a llama, which is definitely not a dog. (It licks her face.) Harmony goes to a craggy outhang, where a horse is; she wonders how she'll wrangle a horse but it comes over easily to her. Noah, in the woods, sees a bunny tail among the trees. She lures one out with a treat, and then learns there's more than one bunny. At a large tree, Kat tried to persuade her own lost animal and finally has it fall into her arms--a fox. Soon enough all the animals are back--all but the lion, which is right behind Kat. Kat thanks her friends for their help and promises it's not always this bananas around--then chides the monkey. Willow says that it was actually a ton of fun, and Noah says she can't wait to vlog about it. Harmony asks when they can come back, and Kat says any time the animals are up for it--which Noah believes won't be a problem.

  • Episode Fifteen[2]: Insta-IN: Noah is at her new studio trailer, scrolling on her phone while Lemon plays nearby, when she sees a beautiful artwork online. She insists she has to meet the artist, Sallee, right away as she is "ridiculously talented"; she quickly dashes off a text message to her, as well as calls some of her friends to also meet her. Soon Harmony and Rayne are waiting with Noah in the studio; Noah nervously waits until the doorbell rings, and then goes to meet Sallee, introducing herself and inviting her into the studio. Harmony starts to compliment Sallee's drawings, but Rayne uses multiple words first, and Harmony agrees with her (adding she would have just said "colorful"). Sallee takes the compliment, Noah asks if Sallee can draw something for them live for their friends, and Sallee agrees and asks what. Harmony and Rayne talk over each other, saying a pop star on stage and a rainbow on the beach respectively. Noah suggests something Hairdorables related. Sallee gets out her sketchbook and colored pencils, and pauses. When Noah asks what's wrong, Sallee says she's never drawn in front of people, or without music. Harmony starts a beat, which Noah and Rayne join into, to cheer Sallee on. Sallee draws quickly, then shows the others--it's a Hairdorables logo. Noah says it's perfect, and Harmony asks how she did that while Rayne is delighted the logo has rainbows, her favorite. Noah says they have to do a video to share the logo, and Sallee suddenly gets shy and says she'd not sure she wants to be on camera. Harmony assures her that she doesn't have to be front and center or do anything she's not comfortable with. Noah then broadcasts a vlog with her, the other three, and Willow to introduce Sallee and their new channel logo. Sallee introduces herself and says she's glad they're all patient with her since she can be a little shy. Harmony and Willow both assure her it's okay to be shy and that they all express themselves in different ways--even Harmony was shy before she started singing. Noah says there's video proof with Harmony's kindergarten play before before closing the video, and when Sallee is asked to say goodbye, she says "goodbye, Sallee" as a little joke.

  • Pet Matters: Compilation: A compilation of pet-themed and -included animated episodes, including Toy Play videos: Furry Friends, Puppy Problems, Dogsitter, and Dog Drama.

  • Episode Ninteen: Vloggies: Harmony, Willow, and Sallee are waiting on Noah to show off her look; she is getting ready to attend the Young Vlogger awards, or the Vloggies. They are all impressed as she shows off a red dress--Willow says she looks "gorg" and Sallee says she looks like a princess. Noah says she just has to do her hair before she goes. Harmony and the others are very impressed she's going to the actual ceremony. Noah starts brushing her hair and nervously says she wishes her friends could come with her and that she'd gotten them all tickets. Harmony says no, it's a VIP ticket and she'll get to meet all her heroes and they'll be good. Sallee can't wait to curl up with a bowl of popcorn and watch, and Willow says it'll be easier to soak up the latest fashions that way. Noah agrees, then spots a painting that Sallee made of the studio trailer. Noah picks it up to get a look and says it's beautiful. Sallee warns her the paint is still wet seconds before Noah trips, falling on the painting. The painting smears and paint gets on Noah's outfit to her horror. Sallee apologizes and Noah says it's okay, this is on her -- literally. Harmony says they can fix this, and Noah asks how when the show is in an hour. Harmony says between Sallee and Willow, they can get her redressed in no time. Willow and Sallee run to Noah's closet, where they start pulling out outfits, and Harmony goes to get shoes and accessories while Noah starts on her hair. Soon they have tons of accessories and shoes, and Noah's hair is up in pin curls. Harmony hands her a dress and she goes to change. They're even more impressed and Sallee says she looks stunning. Noah lets her hair down, and Harmony eagerly starts to help accessorize. Soon Noah has a new put together look. Willow says she should go before she's late. Noah thanks her friends and says she doesn't know what she would do without them and she loves them all before she steps out. Sallee picks up the smeared painting, thinking the smeared look is actually pretty cool. They're about to go watch the awards when Noah suddenly returns. She forgot something--her friends. The night's too important to be without them. They group hug and Noah asks Sallee if she has time to make popcorn. The video ends with the four of them sitting on a couch under a blanket, watching the Vloggies together.

  • All About Dee Dee: Compilation: A compilation of Dee Dee-themed and -included animated episodes: Dee Dee Sweet Baker, La La Pop (both part One and Two), Cookie Carolers:, and On Location.

  • All About Kali: Compilation: A compilation of Kali-themed and -included animated episodes: Code Queen Kali, Apptastic, Cookie Carolers, On Location, and Hawaiian Dreams.

  • All About Kat: Compilation: A compilation of Kat-themed and -included animated episodes, including Toy Play videos: Kat the Pet Lover, Puppy Problems, Halloween, Dogsitter, and Dog Drama.

  • Skillful Hairdorables: Compilation: A compilation of talent-themed animated episodes: Almost Perfect Braid, Costume Party, Puppy Problems, Apptastic, Insta-IN, and Ballad.

  • Hairdorables Get Emotional: Compilation: A compilation of emotional/feelings focused animated episodes, including Toy Play videos: Kindness Wins, Birthday Drama, Bathroom Blunders, Virus Alert, Ballad, Beach, and Hawaiian Dreams.

  • All About Skylar: Compilation: A compilation of Skylar-themed and -included animated episodes, including Toy Play videos: Skylar, Travel Obsessed Blogger, Hula Dance, Hawaiian Dreams, Travel Vlog, and On Location.[4]

  • BFF: Compilation: A compilation of friendship focused animated episodes, including Toy Play videos: It's Rayning Cats and Dogs, Kindness Wins, Hawaiian Dreams, Beach, Phone Drama, and Travel Vlog.

  • All About Brit: Compilation: A compilation of Brit-themed and -included animated episodes, including Toy Play videos: Brit the Most Athletic One, Kindness Wins, Backpack Fail, #BestFriendSwap: Noah-Brit, and Beach.

  • All About Sallee: Compilation: A compilation of Sallee-themed and -included animated episodes, including Toy Play videos: Sallee the Artist, Insta-IN, Vloggies, Ten-Minute Challenge, and Virus Alert.
  • Goodbye Summertime: Compilation: A compilation of summer-focused animated episodes, including Toy Play videos - these are the same videos from the BFF Compilation.

  • Back To Routine: Compilation: A compilation of routine-focused animated episodes, including Toy Play videos: Morning Routine, Kindness Wins, Weird Dreams, Furry Friends, Virus Alert, and Hula Dance.

  • Fails: Compilation:

  • Halloween: Compilation:

  • Skillful: Compilation:

  • All About Willow: Compilation:

  • All Hairdorables Vlogs: Compilation:

  • BFFs 2: Compilation:

  • Happy Holidays: Compilation:

Toy Play

  • Ten-Minute Challenge: Noah and Sallee challenge each other to a ten-minute portrait art challenge.

  • Scary Stories:

  • Backpack Fail: Noah and Brit have a mix up when they have the same backpack.

  • Super Sour: The girls try Dee Dee's super sour candy treats.

  • Phone Drama: Noah, Rayne, and Harmony take a trip to the beach; Noah's phone goes missing.

  • Weird Dreams: Harmony tells Noah about her weird dream when Noah cannot fall asleep.

  • Sleepover Favorites:

  • Travel Vlog: Skylar talks with Noah about her trip to France, Spain, and Belgium.

  • Dogsitter: Noah is asked to pet-sit Kat's dog, Piper. [5]

  • Halloween:

  • #BestFriendSwap: Noah-Kali: Noah and Kali swap outfits and interests for a day.

  • Perfect Pizza:

  • #BestFriendSwap: Noah-Neila: Neila and Noah swap outfits and interests for a day.

  • #BestFriendSwap: Noah-Bella: Noah and Bella swap outfits and interests for a day.

  • Virus Alert: Noah has a cold and feels too sick to vlog, but her friends Rayne, Dee Dee, and Sallee come over to help her feel better: includes a recipe for lemon ginger cookies by Dee Dee, and a get-well card by Sallee.

  • #BestFriendSwap: Noah-Brit: Noah and Brit swap outfits and interests for a day.

  • Morning Routine: Willow and Noah show their morning routines.

  • Dog Drama: Kat, Kali, and Noah help look for Kat's lost puppy Piper. [5]

  • Birthday Drama: Noah, Rayne, and Harmony decorate for Bella's birthday but each argue over the details.

  • Beach: A Q&A with Rayne and Noah discuss a time Brit was playing on the beach.

  • #FriendSwap Compilation: A compilation of friend-swap videos.

  • Drama Moments Compilation: A compilation of dramatic videos.

  • Parties! Compilation: A compilation of party-focused videos.

  • Fun Moments Compilation: A compilation of fun moments videos.

  • Cooking Compilation: A compilation of cooking videos.

  • BFF: Compilation: A compilation of friend focused videos:



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