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Lucky Lemon is a Pets - Series One Lemon release and includes both a Signature Look and a variation.

Full Description


  • Body Color: Yellow.
  • Body Description: Pointed ears with pink inner tufts and molded fur on back. Yellow eyebrows. Small muzzle with triangular darker yellow nose. Slightly open mouth shows painted pink inner. Darker yellow neck ruff.
  • Eyes: Teal.
  • Hair Color: Teal with blonde.
  • Hair Style: Spiral-style curls.
  • Hair Rooting: Behind the ears/back of head, at tail.

First Accessory

Salmon baseball cap. Teal seashell on front panel. Molded to be placed on left ear.

Second Accessory

Red stripe-molded toy ball. Teal pawpad print: Heart pad with four round toes.


Ribbon Pet Brush: Salmon handle, pale pink bristles.

Variation Changes

Lemon's Variant has the following changes:

  • Pet: Body is pale pink.
  • Hat: Pink; shell on front is yellow.
  • Ball: Teal; pawpad print is yellow.