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Mountain Kat is a Series Three Kat release and part of the sub-line Outdoor Fun.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Red, left glancing. Pink eyeshadow.
  • Face: Pouty expression, pink lips. Freckles.
  • Arms: Both Straight Arm.

Hair Color and Style

Color: Strawberry blonde with pink streaks.

Style: Straight, right part. The front parts of the hair are braided and pulled back, and their is also a braid on either side.


Burgundy sweater with pink shorts and suspenders. theres is a hot pink squirrel graphic on the right pant leg. She also wears an orange and grey plaid scarf.


Dark pink boots with sculpted straps.


White coffee cup with a brown cup sleeve. Kat's name is written in pink on it.

Hair Extension

Pink hair extension on a mint green leaf shaped hair clip with a sculpted brown acorn on top. Curl. The hair can be curled and will keep its shape.

Hair Tool

Hair curler with a brown handle, golden barrel, and pink translucent clasp. There is also a dark pink sculpted maple leaf on the tip of the barrel.