Neila is one of the main characters of the Hairdorables Line.


Neila is an extraterrestrial and space expert. She believes that in her lifetime, people will travel to and possibly settle on Mars; she will start a galactic United Nations as "Princess Neila", and she believes in the existence of UFOs.[1] Her outfits and designs reflect her interest in outer space. She has claimed to have encounters with UFOs and believes in extraterrestrial life.

Neila is a dreamer who loves to learn and is fascinated by all the mysteries of the universe. She spends most of her time day dreaming or gazing at the stars. She has great taste and appreciates the finer things in life. People sometimes call her a princess and she's totally OK with that. Her key character traits are Inquisitive, Dreamer, and Noble.[2]

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  • Neila's name spells "alien" backwards. It may also be a reference to the astronaut Neil Armstrong.
  • Neila's Rare version in Series One looks wholly different from other versions and does not share standard traits.
  • While Moonlit Neila is marked in Series One as Neila's Signature Look, she is more often shown in the Star Struck Neila style. However, in the YouTube animated videos, she has the Space Neila look and dress with her standard brown skin.


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