Noah is the lead character of the Hairdorables Line.


Noah is twelve years old and lives with her parents in the fictional Sunset Heights.[1] Her studio is in her bedroom. Noah is into online video blogging, or "vlogging," and likes to share her hairstyle experiments online. She's willing to try all kinds of style, even some unflattering ones, and try various activities even if she's not the best at them. She has a puppy named Lemon. She's musically inclined and can play the ukulele and sing well.

Noah created the word "Hairdorable" while showing how to make side braid on a Youtube vlog; she accidentally combined the words hair and adorable into a portmanteau.[2] She didn't have many hits but he video went viral, prompting her to create a full channel. She also enjoys making puns and rhyming. One of the first things she does in the morning after waking up is check her DMs and comments, and screen-caps any good ones to share and ideas.[3]

Noah has a "special" hairbrush that she says, when used, makes any hairstyle "hairdorable".[4]

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  • As the lead character, Noah's Signature Look for Series One is used as the "mascot" of the main lines; her image is used as a silhouette on the front of main series packaging, as well as on the doll seal.


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