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Noah Knows is a Series One Noah release.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Teal, facing forward. Tan eye shadow.
  • Face: Open-mouthed Smile. Coral pink lips.
  • Arms: Heart Hands

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Teal blue with lighter teal streaks
  • Style: Center parted. Initially styled into dual braids.


  • Scallop-edged top. White, light pink, and dark pink stripes with scalloped lines to separate sections. Short white scallop-edged sleeves. Glitter overlay on fabric. No hemming.
  • Jean shorts. High curved sides. Pink topstitching on bottom hems. Elastic waistband. No hemming.


Blue sandals. Light blue straps with added lines on top. Brown soles. Bottom of soles have scalloped textures.

First Accessory

Pink plastic square glasses. Rims are "square" with a a faux wooden texture on front. Near the "joint" are red shaped seashell accents. Temples (ear pieces) are lightly textured.

Second Accessory

Purple baseball cap. Molded top stitching on brim and sections; molded button at top. Front panel has a stylized flower: white, nine petals, pink outline, and five pink center dots. Back molded closure is split to fit on doll's head.


Purple Hair Bow Comb.