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Orange U Noah? is a Series Four Noah release. She is part of the Carnival Cuties line.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Teal, Left-looking. Gold elaborate eye shadow and three underlashes.
  • Face: Open Mouth Smile. Shimmery pink lips.
  • Arms: Left Bent arm, right Straight Arm
  • Scent: Citrus

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Teal
  • Style: Front top ponytail, rest free hanging. Loose hair is crimped.


Citrus-print ankle jumpsuit. Pink-salmon background with prange and lemon citrus print and blue leaves. Short flutter sleeves with faux-wrap front; teal ribbon at waist and ankles attached with loose tails.


Yellow sneakers. Blue laces and soles with orange "slice" molded on sides.

First Accessory

Fruit headband. Yellow base with molded pink half, yellow lemon, and light green lime slice and assorted green leaves.

Second Accessory

Citrus bag. Translucent yellow with molded slices in green, light orange, and pink with green leaves. Gold clasp and flower on front.

Third Accessory

Orange translucent spray bottle. Hairdorables (all caps) above label. Oval label with orange starburst and Hairdorables "H" in white.


Promo image shows both bent arms.