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Pets - Series Two.

Pets: Series Two: Shimmer Pets is the second release of the Hairdorables' characters pets.

The series was released in late August to Early September 2019 and retails for $6.99.


The series expands on the main characters' pets, who are the same molds and shapes as their Series One looks with no change in shapes, rooting, or molds but with a "shimmer"--metallic accents and a pearly sparkle throughout the lightly translucent color of the bodies.

The pets are designed in unique variants themed themed around two interior lines in Series Three; regardless of whether a character is represented in the interior line in Series Three, the pet is included.

  • Outdoor Fun: These pets are based on outdoors activities and marked with a green clover.
  • Slumber Party: These pets are themed around sleepover wear and marked with a yellow moon.

No brushes are included; each pet now has three accessories instead. Adoption Cards now list Naptime Standard and Favorite Activity along with the blank Adoption Date, but no pictures.

Each pet will come in two unique colors; unlike Series One, each pet is given a unique name for each look. Lemon also has an ultra rare version (marked with the standard star), Late Night Lemon while all the others are of standard distribution, making for a total of twenty-five variations.

Box Packaging and Reveals

The box is similar to Pets Series One, but matches colors with Series Two in that the packaging is pink themed. The surprises and pet are now in pink plastic bags.

The packaging surprises are generally in this order if opened as directed: Tag Stickers/one Accessory, Two Accessories/Photo sticker, Pet with Adoption Card.


  • Collector's Sheet.[1]
  • Sticker Sheet.[1]
  • Randomized Series Photo Sticker.
  • Three theme-specific Accessories.
  • Shimmer Pet.
  • Adoption Card. The Adoption Card is standard across each pet's versions.

Package Backdrops

The following are randomized across regular finds:

  • Pet Playground
  • Water Park with Pool

Pets - Series Two Gallery

Series One: Pets Releases


  • Loving Lemon
  • Sk8r Lemon
  • Late Night Lemon


  • Peaceful Piper
  • Playful Piper


  • ZZZZ Zip
  • Zealous Zip


  • Tender Tango
  • Tiptop Tango


  • Dreamy Journey
  • Zen Journey


  • Getting Sleepy Gemma
  • Beach Baby Gemma


  • Sweet Taffy
  • Sour Taffy


  • Morning Melody
  • Marvelous Melody


  • Hit the Hay Harlow
  • Hotshot Harlow


  • Peaceful Picasso
  • Portrait Picasso


  • Dazed Comet
  • Star Gazing Comet


  • Sleepy Sahara
  • Sunny Sahara


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