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Pineapple Rayne is a Series Two Rayne release.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Light blue, forward facing. Purple eyeshadow.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile. Coral lips.
  • Arms: Both straight arm.

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Lavender with red, yellow, and blue streaks.
  • Style: Soft curls, no part. Front section of the hair is pulled back to make a half up half down style.


White shirt with a graphic of a hand doing the Shaka hand gesture. Rainbow striped shorts with a red ribbon belt with a faux tie on the right side. The outfit is all one piece.


Yellow sandals with rainbow striped straps.

First Accessory

Rainbow barrette.

Second Accessory

Yellow glasses with pineapple shaped frames with painted green leaves. Color change accessory. The glasses turn orange in cold temperatures.