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Rayne is one of the main characters of the Hairdorables Line.


Rayne met Noah and Willow on a rainy day; they had gone to the beach and been caught in the rain, and as they were walking to leave they saw her skating alongside the boardwalk. She offered her umbrella to keep them dry and suggested they go to a coffee shop to wait out the rain. After hanging out--where she showed off how her rainbow bracelet--Noah said that she and Willow had found a new member of the Hairdorables. She thinks the universe brought them all together for a reason. She also believes that if she looks close enough that she can see how everything is connected and "we're all just particles bouncing off each other"; she does not believe in coincidences.[3] She shows interest and fascination in space travel, and believes--like Neila--in other sentient beings in the universe. Rayne owns a surfboard and can surf.[4]

Rayne loves rollerblading, spending time near the beach or the park (anywhere she might be able to see a rainbow), and rainbows; rainbows are her "everything." Making things is her second love after rainbows; she likes to make rainbow recipes and crafts, such as pancakes and friendship bracelets. [5]

Rayne is known for a go-with-the-flow attitude and has a talent for finding beauty in everything. She spends a lot of time outdoors enjoying nature and loves to meet new people. Her key character traits are Nature lover, Chill, and Good listener.[6]

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  • Rayne is often shown in a toned down variant of Rayne Showers, complete with glasses (including on the YouTube Channel animated videos). However, her Signature look in the first series is Rayne Bow, likely because Rayne Showers is an Ultra Rare version.


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