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Rayne Shine is a Series Three Rayne release and her Signature Look.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Blue, right glancing. Smaller eyed expression. Purple eyeshadow.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile. Red lips.
  • Arms: Both arms straight.

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Lavender with red, yellow, and blue streaks.
  • Style: Soft curl, middle part. Hair pulled up into two pigtails. Parts of each pigtail are lopped up into small buns. Front part of the hair is cut into straight across bangs.


White t-shirt with red cuffs and collar, and printed on rainbow suspenders. Three layered tiered ruffle skirt. The first ruffle is pink, the second is blue, and the third is yellow. The outfit is all one piece.


Hot pink roller-skates with white wheels. The right roller-skate's laces are yellow, while left's are blue.


White cloud shaped glasses. There is a small blue umbrella sculpted onto the the side of the left frame.

Hair Extension

Yellow hair extension on a blue translucent butterfly shaped hair clip. The hair turns orange in cold temperature.

Hair Tool

Translucent blue, cloud shaped water applicator with a rainbow handle. There is a small pink heart sculpted on the right side of the cloud.