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Rayne Showers is an Ultra Rare Series One Rayne release.

Full Description


  • Skin Tone: Rayne Showers has a shimmering dark tan/golden skin tone.
  • Bodysuit: Unlike standard Series One Rayne dolls, she has a gold glitter bodysuit.
  • Eyes: Light blue, forward facing. Purple eyeshadow.
  • Face: Closed mouth smile. Peach lips. Additionally, Rayne has a blue and yellow heart on the left cheek and a pink on the right.
  • Arms: Both Straight Arm

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Lavender, with red, gold, and blue tinsel streaks
  • Style: Straight, middle part. Hair is pulled up into two high pigtails.


Dress with a yellow bodice with a glittery gold heart graphic on the chest and ruffle sleeves. Glittery rainbow wrap skirt with gold trim and a glittery gold belt.


Glittery gold roller-skates with glittery purple wheels.

First Accessory

Glittery blue glasses with oval shaped frames.

Second Accessory

Glittery rainbow striped umbrella with a white handle.



  • While promo images show Rayne Showers with left glancing eyes, it has been confirmed she has forward facing eyes.