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Sallee is one of the main characters of the Hairdorables Line.


Sallee is an artist, and art is what she loves most; she has an amazing artist eye. She always carries a sketchbook everywhere she goes in case of inspiration (which she finds everywhere she goes) and spends most of her time creating. She's loved painting since she was in preschool and would often come home with as much paint on her clothes as her papers.[1] She's encouraging to her friends, even if they're not as talented as she is, and is more than willing to give drawing tips. Noah sees her as an artistic genius and calls her a "pencil whisperer"; she's never seen anyone that can draw like her.

She and Noah met when Sallee made some Hairdorables fanart on Instagram; Noah, very impressed, asked her to join the team.[2] Sallee is very shy and nervous about being on camera. so tries to be to the side in a group. She also struggles to draw in front of people, and prefers to have music on while she's drawing to help. Once things are comfortable for her, though, she can draw very quickly, and even designed the Hairdorables logo in-universe.[3]

She's shy, but very sweet, and loves to share her artwork with the world. She's happiest making other people happy and people can always count on her. Her key character traits are Creative, Happy, and Reliable.[4]

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  • Primary Picasso
  • Peaceful Picasso
  • Portrait Picasso
  • Vibrant Violet
  • DIY Violet


  • Sallee is so far one of the only characters with a listed last name.
  • While Simply Sallee is marked in Series One as Sallee's Signature Look, she is more often shown in the Savvy Sallee style.
  • Sallee and Harmony were the two characters most affected by the problems with the InFamous Fourteen in Series One; each was missing two dolls and so only had one variant widely available, which didn't include their signature looks.
  • While Sallee is animated and illustrated with multiple ear piercings, these are not present in the dolls.
  • Sallee, Noah, and Willow are the only characters in Series Three to have four dolls to the others' three, as they are included in all three sublines.


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