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Sallee's Gone Bananas is a Series Four Sallee release. She is part of the Carnival Cuties sub-line.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Pale brown, facing forward. Dark Tan eye shadow.
  • Face: "Kissy" face. Dark pink lips.
  • There are freckles on the cheeks.

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Blue and white striped alternating.
  • Style: High right-pulled ponytail. The ponytail is crimped/textured.


Dot print dress. White dress with multicolored dot print. Bottom hem has light green embroidery overlock hem with pink, yellow, and light green pom pom dots.


Pink iridescent sneakers. White laces, yellow pom poms on back ankles.

First Accessory

Banana purse. Yellow translucent plastic molded into three-banana bunch with molded strap that separates at center right side to place on doll.

Second Accessory

Ice Cream cone. Pink, white, and brown scoops on light brown waffle cone, topped with cream heart candy.

Scent Bottle

Yellow translucent spray bottle. Hairdorables (all caps) above label. Oval label with chocolate dipped banana covered in nuts and Hairdorables "H" in blue.


The doll photograph shows one arm bent, however, the actual released doll has both straight arms.