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Sea Willow is a Ultra Rare Series Two Willow release.

Full Description


  • Bodysuit: Unlike standard Series Two Willow dolls, she has a while glittery bodysuit.
  • Eyes: Light, blue, right facing.
  • Face: Open smile, hot pink lips. Additionally, Willow has a silver "tiara" on her forehead with a blue drop jewel and pink stars, and pink shimmering scales on her cheeks.
  • Arms: Heart Hands

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Pink. blue under color. Additionally, there is iridescent tinsel throughout.
  • Style: Loose curls, right part. Front section of the right side is braided into a side braid.


Pink mermaid tail dress with a glittery scale pattern and shimmery pink ruffle trim along the top and bottom.


Brown sandals with green straps.

First Accessory

Color change silver necklace. The necklace turns pink, yellow, and blue in cold temperatures.

Second Accessory

Color-change silver sea shell tiara. The tiara turns pink, yellow, and blue in cold temperatures.