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Selfie Noah is a Series One Noah release.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Teal, glancing right. Dark tan eye shadow.
  • Face: Closed-mouth smile. Pink lips.
  • Arms: Both Bent Arm

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Teal blue with lighter teal streaks
  • Style: Center parted; styled into topknot ponytails (a section at the front is separated and twisted)


Pink knee length sleeveless jersey dress. Front has 18 (eighteen); hem has simulated ribbing stripes; trim at neck and armholes--all are in blue glitter layover. Hemmed lower edge.


Blue and pink high top sneakers.[1] Shoes are pink on sides and blue on back and heel and toes. White molded laces. Blue soles with scallop shelled imprints.

First Accessory

Red bow hair extension clip. Molded double bow with attached white pom-pom at center of bow. Pink curled hair extension.

Second Accessory

White[2] "selfie stick" monopod/phone combination. Monopod/phone has molded grip to mimic phone being gripped, has three tiers in "extension"; lower molded handle for doll to hold object. Back has molded camera lens, Hairdorables logo, and faux speaker (partially covered by monopod "grip"). Applied screen sticker has a picture of Selfie Noah, as if to simulate picture being taken.


Red Dipped Hair Bow Comb.



  1. Stock image shows red sides.
  2. Stock image shows silver.