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Series Five dolls.

Series Five: Hair Art is the fifth release of the Hairdorables main characters.

The series had a August 2020 release at a retail cost of approximately US $12.99.


The series offers all-new looks and hairstyles for the now-fifteen main characters, with twenty-six looks. The trait is that they now all have an alligator style hair clip with their name molded in raised dot letters, with unique designs printed along the length of the extension.

There are two internal lines with thirteen looks each; across the lines, each of the main characters is included at least once, but no more than twice. The internal lines are:

  • After School Fun: Characters are dressed for various after school activities, including pep rallies and after school clubs.
  • Masquerade: Characters are dressed for a "historical" themed masquerade party, showcasing fashion trends across various historical eras.

A Rare for Emily and one Ultra Rare version for Kat are included.

Box Packaging and Reveals

The packaging is again in a plastic reusable storage case shaped like Noah with her hair flowing around her, similar to Series Four. Now she has two distinct looks:

  • One case has Noah with lavender hair with darker magenta dots; her eyes are purple, and she is wearing a dress with a white and pink-dotted bodice with a blue pleated skirt.
  • The other case has Noah with magenta hair with leopard-like spots; her eyes are light blue, and she is wearing a gradient blue-to-purple ombre shirt with a light leopard print and black glitter shorts.

The cases are either magenta or purple internally (as per base color at the top of Noah's hair) with the background attached inside. There is a blue braid-molded handle on the top.

The package opens to show the package for the doll with So 90's Noah and After School Emily on the front, as well as the plastic bags tucked aside the doll package and below in the sections. When the package is emptied, there is a cut and tucked background and three storage sections below. The four surprise bags are the same as the prior series. The stands are transparent colored plastic and come disassembled with the stand in one of the packages. Each color is specific to sublines by color:

  • Blue: Afterschool Fun
  • Purple: Masquerade

Eleven surprises are listed in each package; however, the case is included as a surprise. The packaged reveal surprises in various orders. The internal surprises are:

  • Collector's Sheet.[1]
  • Four stickers, two of which are character-relevant and two of which are line relevant.
  • Character-look specific Shoes.
  • Character-look specific Hair Extension.
  • One additional character-look specific accessory. In the Masquerade subline, this is a masquerade mask on holding staff for all characters.
  • Dressed Doll.
  • Stand. Color is set by subline.

Package Backdrops

Backdrops align with the theme of the character subline, including Rares, and are cut to fit in the back of the package.

  • Afterschool Fun: School Classroom
  • Masquerade: Grand Staircase With Decorations

Kat's #1 has an exclusive background of a sports field.

Series Five Gallery

Series Five Releases

Italicized with ♦ are Rare Versions. Bolded with ★ are Ultra Rare Versions.

Afterschool Fun



  • This is the first series to not have multiple looks for all characters; Brit, Dee Dee, Neila, and Willow are only given one look each to accommodate two looks for Phoebe, Emily, and Saige.
  • Because of the theme, all of the Masquerade dolls have the same two extra accessories, though differently themed.


  1. This is standard across all the boxes.