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Series Four dolls.

Series Four: Scented Series is the fourth release of the Hairdorables main characters.

The series had a February 2020 Release, at a retail cost of approximately US $12.99.


The series offers all-new looks and hairstyles for the twelve main characters, with thirty-six looks across the twelve main characters. Three all-new characters are introduced for the first time: Saige, Phoebe, and Emily in a single look each. This gives a total of thirty-nine dolls available across the line. Each doll has a perfumed body scent over the doll, aligned to the internal lines.

No character has a specific Signature Look for the first time. There are three internal lines which have a look for each of the main characters and three separate introduced characters. The internal lines are:

  • Carnival Cuties: Characters are dressed for carnivals and fairs. Dolls are scented like food and treats, called "Yummy Treats." Scent bottles are shaped like food spray bottles.
  • Garden Party: Characters are dressed for a garden party in fancy clothes. Dolls are scented like floral notes, called "Fresh Flower." Scent bottles are shaped like perfume bottles.
  • Splash Sensation: Characters are dressed for the beach and water play. Dolls are scented like outdoors scents/beach scents, called "Sunshine Scents." Scent bottles are shaped like sunscreen.

A Rare for Kali and one Ultra Rare version for Neila are included. Signature Cards are no longer included, though character specific stickers are included.

Box Packaging and Reveals

The packaging is radically changed from all prior series. The items are now inside a plastic reusable storage case. The case is shaped like Noah with her hair flowing around her; she is wearing a question mark outfit that can be overlaid with the outfit sticker included. Her hair may either be purple with blue ombre bottom or blue with purple ombre bottom. Underneath her is the Hairdorables logo with a silver metallic background. Around the packaging is a cardstock wrapper, advertising the eleven surprises, the number of dolls to collect, and the series; on the back of the wrapper are the list of items and legal and package notations. On the back is the slogan "Big Hair Don't Care" in all caps molded into the plastic. The package is wrapped in plastic.

The cases are either blue or purple internally (as per base color at the top of Noah's hair) with the background attached inside. There is a pink braid-molded handle on the top.

The package opens with a case clasp at the top (hinges at the bottom) to show the package for the doll with Orange U Noah and Koastal Kali on the front, as well as the overall print plastic bags that are tucked aside the doll package and below in the sections. The doll package has been shorted to fit in the top part of the case. When the package is emptied, there is a cut and tucked background and three storage sections below. The four surprise bags are blue to purple ombre colored with the Hairdorables logo printed overall. The stands are iridescent and come disassembled with the stand in one of the packages. Each color is specific to sublines by color:

  • Pink: Carnival Cuties
  • Green: Garden Party
  • Blue: Splash Sensation

Rare Kitchy Kali has a silver stand, while Butterfly Neila has a glittery black translucent stand. Sugar Skull Skylar has a gold stand, but is not labeled as a Rare.

Eleven surprises are in each package. The packaged reveal surprises in various orders. The eleven surprises are:

  • Collector's Sheet.[1]
  • Two character-relevant stickers.
  • Randomized Outfit sticker.
  • Character-look specific Shoes.
  • Three additional character-look specific accessories, one of which is a spray, perfume, or sunscreen bottle (per subline)
  • Character Name brush.[2]
  • Dressed Doll.
  • Stand. Color is set by subline.

The packaging states that the case is one of the surprises, while not including the stand as a surprise.

Outfit Stickers

Outfit stickers are shaped to fit on the front of the case. They have the same silhouette and are either a dress or a top and shorts/skirt; several can be seen to evoke a main character motif. Stickers include the following designs:

  • Mermaid: purple glittery top with shell w/pearl and blue/green mermaid scale shorts
  • Rainbow: light purple top with Rainbow circle w/clouds and denim shorts
  • Cat paint: Pink shirt with cat mouth, nose and whiskers and white shorts; outfit is splattered with paint splotches
  • Space Dress: purple star-and-dot dress with green front panel w/white dots and silver neckline overall; look of UFO
  • Dark Rainbow: Purple shirt with black collar and cuffs, yellow belt, and black skirt with rainbow and purple stars.
  • Heart Dress: Pink glittery dress with white bodice with heart buttons and ribbon
  • Ice Cream: Peppermint stripe top with yellow collar, pink belt with peppermint buckle, and waffle cone skirt with chocolate and sprinkles hem.

Package Backdrops

Backdrops align with the theme of the character subline, including Rare and Ultra Rares, and are cut to fit in the back of the package.

  • Carnival Cuties: Carnival Fair
  • Garden Party: Garden w/table
  • Splash Sensation: Beach Scene

There is no unique background for the ultra-rare Butterfly Neila, a first for the series.

Series Four Gallery

Series Four Releases

Italicized with ♦ are Rare Versions. Bolded with ★ are Ultra Rare Versions.

Carnival Cuties

Garden Party

Splash Sensation



  • Despite not being marked as "rare" on the Collector's Sheets, Sugar Skull Skylar has all of the hallmarks of being a rare doll. Her stand is gold, her hairbrush has silver accents, her hair has multicolored tinsel, and she has elaborate makeup inspired by Mexican sugar skulls. It is unknown if the Collector's Sheet was misprinted or if a manufacturing error made her a more common find than originally intended.


  1. This is standard across all the boxes.
  2. These are unique per doll, though each character will have her name on all her brushes.