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Shortcuts - Series One

Shortcuts - Series One: is the first release of the Hairdorables's Little Sisters.

The series was released in August 2019, at a retail cost of $9.99.

Overview and Unique Doll Anatomy

The series introduces the younger sisters of the main characters. Twenty-five dolls across twelve characters are available. There are two looks per character: each character has a personal signature look and an alternative "mini" look where they closely resemble the older sister. Maya also has an Ultra Rare.

The dolls are four inches tall, with the same chibi/super deformed style as the standard dolls. The dolls are fully plastic, with molded-on jumpsuit/bodysuit style clothes, shoes, and base hair styles. Hairstyles come in parted with front lick, curled bangs, single braid to the side, dual braids, side part, and bangs; all are molded to resemble high ponytails. At the top are two holes to pop in rooted interchangeable ponytails, called "poptails".

The dolls have jointed necks, arms and legs; the legs have a wide range of motion, while the arms are straight arm swing joints. The head is on a rotational pivot.

The poptails are ball-socket style attachments with rooted hair in molded plastic designs, similar to bobble ponytail holders/hair decorations. They are interchangeable between all dolls. Bases are either cat heads, bows, hearts, crowns, puffballs, or flower daisies. Styles are either tight fluffed curls, sausage curls, braids, or straight hair; straight may also come looped up in topknots. The hair comes wrapped in plastic tubing.

Each doll comes with a cloth scrunchie "skirt" that can be used as a hair decoration on the larger sister dolls; this may be soft cotton, standard cotton, satined, or simulated pleather. There is also an alligator clip style barrette with two holes to store the poptails.

An instruction sheet is included, explaining assembly of the doll stand, the poptails' use in the barrette and the doll, and using the background with the stand.

Packaging and Reveals

The packaging are plastic shampoo-bottle shaped containers in the same overall purple color of Series One packaging. Outside on the shrink-wrapped packaging is a silhouette of a doll similar to Emma, with either green, blue, or orange hair. The package is opened by unpeeling a perforated strip down the side; when the plastic is removed, the background insert is revealed.

There are four chambers to the packaging from top to bottom, in gradient shades from light purple to purple. On the front is an image of Noah and Emma in a heart and on top is the logo; at the back is another heart with the Hairdorables H in a heart. Each chamber is internally labeled one through four with interior plastic peels; each peel reveals another item. There are no internal bags.[1].

The collector's sheet is included with the doll, who is kept steady in the package with a molded storage package. There is also a clear translucent stand saddle to turn section three into a doll stand, which is also where the background insert is placed when displaying.

The Signature Card includes the character's Favorite Color, Big Sis, and Favorite Activity.

Eight surprises are included, not including the stand. The packaged reveal surprises generally in this order if opened as directed: Background (under label); Barrette; Scrunchie Skirt; Poptails; Doll with Signature card, saddle stand, instruction sheet, and Collector's Sheet. Depending on the size of the Accessory, it can be located in any of the chambers and the barrette may be moved. The surprises/items are:

  • Collector's Sheet.[2]
  • Scrunchie cloth skirt.[3]
  • Character-specific Accessory.[4]
  • Two look-specific pop in interchangeable ponytails, or "poptails".[3]
  • Poptail Storage Barrette.[3]
  • Random Background Insert.
  • Little Sister Doll.
  • Saddle Stand Half.[2]
  • Signature Card. This is standard across each character.
  • Instruction page.[2]

Backdrop Inserts

The following are randomized across all the dolls:

  • Game Arcade
  • Toy Store Hot Air Balloon
  • Mini Golf Grounds

Shortcuts - Series One Gallery

Shortcuts - Series One Releases

♥ is a "Mini Me" look, while ♦ is a Signature Look. Bold are Ultra Rare.




  • Magical Maya
  • Mighty Maya
  • Ultimate Maya


  • Dancin' Dillon
  • Hip Hop Dillon


  • Pixel Quinn
  • Book Worm Quinn


  • Galactic Stella
  • Jurassic Stella


  • Vibrant Violet
  • DIY Violet


  • Marisol in Flight
  • Sun Kissed Marisol


  • Super Star Zoe
  • Jammin' Zoe


  • Team Charlie
  • Super Fan Charlie


  • Hoop C Daisy
  • Bloomin' Daisy


  • Dog Walkin' Robin
  • Pet Sittin' Robin



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