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Shortcuts - Series Two

Shortcuts - Series Two: Jelly Hair is the second release of the Hairdorables's Little Sisters.

The series was released in February 2020, at a retail cost of $9.99.


The series offers new appearances for the Little Sisters. Twenty-five dolls across twelve characters are available. There are two looks per character, now divided into sublines:

  • Birthstone: based on traditional birthstones. Each character has a plastic "gemstone" embedded in her shirt.
  • Favorite Things: Based on the character's favorite things.

Marisol also has an Ultra Rare.

The poptails keep the same ponytail base styles, but hair is now "jelly" and made up of multiple strands of plastic rubbery tubing.

Packaging and Reveals

The packaging is the same plastic shampoo-bottle shaped containers from Shortcuts - Series One packaging; the colors have been varied from a single color range to green, light blue, purple, and pink. Outside on the shrink-wrapped packaging is a silhouette of a doll similar to Emma, with green, blue, or orange "jelly" hair.

The Signature Card only shows the character.

Eight surprises are included, not including the stand. The packaged reveal surprises generally in this order if opened as directed: Background (under label); Barrette; Scrunchie Skirt; Poptails; Doll with Signature card, saddle stand, instruction sheet, and Collector's Sheet. Depending on the size of the Accessory, it can be located in any of the chambers and the barrette may be moved. The surprises/items are:

  • Collector's Sheet.[1]
  • Scrunchie cloth skirt.[2]
  • Character-specific Accessory.
  • Two look-specific pop-in interchangeable ponytails, or "poptails" with "jelly hair".[2]
  • Poptail Storage Barrette.[2]
  • Random Background Insert.
  • Little Sister Doll.
  • Saddle Stand Half.[1]
  • Signature Card. This is standard across each character.
  • Instruction page.[1]

Backdrop Inserts

The following are randomized across all the dolls:

  • Birthday party

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Favorite Things

Ultra Rare



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