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The Signature Card or (Bio Card) is the biographical information card that is included with each character in each package and considered one of the multiple "surprises". This card contains brief facts about each character and, in most series, this is found behind the Hairdorables doll inside the packaging. This information is also frequently on the website.

Main Series

In the main series the card includes an image of the character in her Signature Look for the series as well as her name in her unique script. The back of the cards in the first two series contain images of the group that, put together, make a picture of all the characters in the line (six cards across and two down). Some information on the signature cards is slightly different than information found on the website.

Series One

The Signature Card contains each character's favorite color, her "claim to fame" (which is not listed on the website) and her motto.

Series Two

The Signature Card contains each character's birthday, favorite hairstyle, and pet's name.

Series Three

The Signature Card contains each character's bedtime routine, favorite flower, and signature dance move. This correlates to the three internal lines. The back of the card now shows the series logo with no puzzle of character images.

Series Four

No Signature cards are included with characters. Stickers for each character may show names, but no traits are expanded on.

Additional Series

Pets - Series One

The Adoption Card contains an image of the pet in their signature look with their owner (or "BFF"). The name is in block text. Information includes their BFF, favorite thing, and Adoption date; the third line is left blank, intended to be filled in at the time of reveal.

The back of the card has a larger image of the pet alone, but the pictures do not line up to make another image.

Pets - Series Two

The Adoption Card contains the name of the pet with no image. Information includes their Naptime Standard, and Favorite Activity, and Adoption date (blank.)The back of the card has a larger image of the pet alone in one of their themed looks.

Shortcuts - Series One

The Signature Card contains each character's name in thin block letters and an image of the character drawn in her Signature Look. Cards list Favorite Color, Big Sis, and Favorite Activity.

HairDUDEables - Series One and HairDUDEables - Series Two

Two Signature Cards are included, one for each character.