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The Series One signature look for Noah, Sk8r Noah.

A Signature Look is the release version of a character in a series considered to be the character's "main" look from her available variations. The illustrated image of a signature look is seen frequently in promotional images, marketing and oftentimes her main profile image on places such as the website. Series One signature looks [1] are often used as the outfit and hairstyles seen for characters in the animated videos.

Signature looks are never Rare or Ultra Rare. The Signature Look is marked with a heart (Sigheartsmall.png) on the Collector's Sheet and a ♥ on lists here. In Series Three they are in a separate section from the other sublines instead of mixed in. Series Four has no Signature Looks, though it has original looks for three new characters.

With the Shortcuts - Series One line, the signature looks are marked with the Rare symbol.

List of Signature Looks for Main Hairdorables Characters


  • In Series One, every Signature Look character except Rayne Bow and Hair We Go Skylar share their basic shoe design with another look in their release.
  • In Series Three, the Signature Look is the only subline that has every character included.

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  1. There are some exceptions; see character pages.