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Sk8ter Noah is a Series One Noah release and her Signature Look.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Teal, glancing right. Dark tan eye shadow.
  • Face: Closed-mouth smile. Pink lips.
  • Arms: Left Bent Arm, Right Straight Arm

Hair Color and Style

  • Hair Color: Teal with blonde undercolor.
  • Hair Style: Loose, curled, left side part. Part of the front initially comes with a section separated out and braided into a side-braid.

Noah also comes with a felt hair flower that sticks into her hair with hook tape. The flower has six petals and is layered red and pink with five yellow dots on the red center.


Sleeveless striped A-line dress. Fabric is of striped teal, pink, light blue, and red alternating. White glitter trim on collar, armholes, and bottom edge. No hemming.


Pink and red high top sneakers. Shoes are red on sides and pink on back and heel and toes. Blue molded laces. Pink soles with scallop shelled imprints.

First Accessory

Light blue hand-held tablet. Molded left arrow, right arrow, screen. center button. Screen sticker image shows a vlog of Noah demonstrating the side braid. Back has molded camera lens, Hairdorables logo, and faux speaker. Handle on right side.

Second Accessory

Purple skateboard. Blue painted stripes on top, center stripe is widest. Front wheels and skateboard truck are pink; back wheels are unpainted and left purple.


Yellow Heart Wings Comb.


  • Sk8r Noah is currently the only doll to come with an attached hair decoration in package.