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Super Neila on a stand.

Stands are plastic saddle style stands for the dolls.

Starting during a late internal wave of the first release of Series One and implemented wholly in Series Two, every main doll comes with a stand.

Stand Overview

The stand is made of two snapped together pieces; the top saddle and the circular base.

The curved saddle is designed to go around the doll's crotch. It fits over clothes and can be tucked around shorts/pants, and under open skirts and tops. The base has two curved foot stops that the front of the feet tuck against. Rare and Ultra Rare dolls frequently have unique stands.

Series One

In Series One, stands were implemented towards the end of distribution; new packaging emphasized that a "bonus" doll stand was included. The stand was translucent with integrated glitter and came disassembled. There appeared to be no specific color matching as these were added late in the line availability.

Colors Seen:

  • Pink
  • Light Blue
  • Bright Blue
  • Purple

Series Two

In Series Two, the stand comes preassembled but can be gently snapped apart. Stands are a solid plastic color and behind the doll packaging. While there is color matching to the character look, colors are repeated across a series (e.g. Sing-A-Long Harmony and Cotton Candy Dee Dee both have pink stands.)

Colors Seen:

Series Three (and included sublines)

Stands were once again translucent but had no glitter. Colors were matched by doll according to sublines.

  • Pink: Signature Look
  • Purple: Slumber Party
  • Magenta: Dance Party
  • Blue: Outdoor Fun

Series Four (and included sublines)

Stands are now iridescent and come disassembled with the stand in one of the packages. Each color is specific to sublines by color again.

  • Pink: Carnival Cuties
  • Green: Garden Party
  • Blue: Splash Sensation

Side Series

With HairDUDEables - Series One the stands are black, green, or blue translucent; each package comes with two stands which are disassembled.

HairDUDEables - Series Two the stands do not match colors.

In Shortcuts - Series One, a stand upright is included and makes a completed stand when inserted into section three.

The JoJo Siwa - D.R.E.A.M. dolls do not come with a stand.