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Street Style Skylar is a Series Three Skylar release and her Signature Look.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Purple, right glancing. Brown eyeshadow.
  • Face: Pouty expression, pink lips.
  • Arms: Right arm Bent Arm, left arm Straight Arm.

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Dark brown with purple streaks.
  • Style. Straight, center part. Hair is pulled into two high pigtails. Sections of the hair is braided and wrapped around each pigtail. Front part of the hair is cut into bangs.


Mint green undershirt under a pink, card suite pattern jacket with two oversized ribbon bows, one in pink and one in purple. Glittery purple ruffle skirt.


White sneakers with attached, pearly pink socks. The right sock has a pink spade and a cyan club on it, while the left sock has a cyan diamond and a pink heart. on it.


Blue fishbowl purse on a white strap shaped like a stream of bubbles.

Hair Extension

Hot pink hair extension on a yellow crown shaped hair clip. Color change. The hair will turn purple in cold temperatures.

Hair Tool

Translucent, lavender, cloud shaped water applicator with pink, yellow and purple sculpted stars, hearts, and rainbows.